First Home Buyers

Buying your first home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. At Cavalier Homes our trained professionals are there to assist you through this exciting period. There are a few easy steps to follow that will help you along your journey.

  1. When is the right time to buy? Many experts will tell you the right time to buy is when you have the deposit saved, and the income to comfortably repay your mortgage. Waiting for the right market conditions can delay your entrance into homeownership and mean that your money is spent on rent not paying off your own mortgage.
  2. Obtain preapproval from your lender of choice. Click on this link to ask Cavalier expert to arrange preapproval for you. Preapproval is important for a number of reasons. Firstly is your opportunity to ascertain what payments you can comfortably afford. You can also determine what the bank will loan you. This is important as it sets the budget you can work with. Remember that every banks policy is different. If you’ve been declined or you’re not happy with the amount the bank will lend you, then speak to Cavalier New Home Consultant. We have a panel of lenders available that may assist you in securing your first home.
  3. Should I build or buy an existing home? During the early years of owning your 1st home most first-time buyers are on a tight budget. They don’t want the hassle or cost of repairs and maintenance that existing homes come with. Of course the excitement of building a home that truly reflects what you want is also a common reason for building a new home.
  4. How much will my home cost? One of the many benefits in building with Cavalier Homes is the flexibility we offer. Flexibility is important as it can directly impact the cost of your new home. Our four step process means it easy to work with in your budget.




Once those four steps are complete we can easily provide a price for you. After deciding on the Cavalier Home that’s right for you simply pay a small deposit. That allows us to start the site investigations (that’s builders speak for, we will test the soil on your land to determine the foundation requirements for your home).


There are many reasons families choose to build a quality Cavalier home. Here are some of our personal favourites.

  1. I want a bigger man cave (that’s code for garage).
  2. I need more room for the kids.
  3. I like the fact that you’re happy if I want to change the standard plan.
  4. I want to get rid of my list of ‘things to do’ on the fridge!
  5. I want to make room for the in-laws to move in. Okay, so we don’t get many of those.

Whatever the reason we’d like to help you achieve your goal. Whether you choose one of our plans or you have your own, it’s important that you get every little detail you want.

At Cavalier Homes our New Home Consultants can guide you through the entire process of building your family’s dream home including the financial side of selling your home and building a new one.


Building an investment property, whether it’s your 1st or your 50th, should be simple and ultimately a financially rewarding experience. Here are our top tips for those of you looking to build a Cavalier Homes investment property.

  1. Speak to Cavalier Homes new consultant about the land you’d like to buy. As a large builder we often are aware of land for sale before the general public and can assist you in securing it for the right price.
  1. Understand the market that your new investment home is in. It’s important that you don’t overcapitalise. It’s also important that your investment property appeals to the correct target audience.
  1. New homes
    1. Only invest in a new home. This will ensure that you minimise government duties and maximise taxation depreciation. We can arrange a full depreciation schedule for you to give to your accountant.
    2. New Homes also significantly reduce any ongoing maintenance costs.
    3. It easier to rent out a new home than an old one. It’s also likely to increase your rent and attract better tenants.
  1. Align yourself with industry experts.

Not all lenders allow you to leverage the equity in your assets in the same way. We can assist in directing you to lending experts within the new home investment field.

Your accountant is also an important resource. Just like doctors, accountants specialise in many different fields. Ensure that your accountant specialises in property investment. Claiming the correct depreciation on your new home investment property can also save you thousands and assist in your cash flow.

  1. Real Estate agents.

Having a professional company managing your property is a must, and is tax-deductible. Your real estate agent can also assist in giving you expected rental returns for your new home. We deal with many agents and are happy to recommend one to you.


So the kids have finally moved out of home, and it’s time to enjoy what you’ve worked all of your life to achieve. For many of our retired homebuilders it’s the first time they’ve had a chance to build a new home. Whether you want to downsize or make room for the grandchildren, Cavalier Homes can assist you in that journey. Quite often the myriad of choices can feel overwhelming. At Cavalier Homes the process is simple.


And the end result will delight you. You’ll be delivered a quality new home that meets all of your lifestyle needs. For those of you that have retired and may still need a small loan to secure your new home, our team can assist you in securing the perfect mortgage.