Firstly, to start with……I chose Cavalier homes even after paying $2000 non refundable deposit to another builder.

For me, choosing Cavalier homes was like taking a risk but there were chances that this risk would turn out to be a Positive Risk and as expected……It did

I have now moved to my new house and not only me, my wife but all my friends who see my house commend the amazing job done by Cavalier homes.

Keeping in mind that Kumaran has been in the building industry for long, I was comfortable relying on him and he along with Neville has done a tremendously excellent job in delivering my house.

The quality of the house has come up really well and they have been super flexible with everything.
Kumaran and Neville were always reachable and there was regular updates on the progress.

If I ever build again then definitely this is the team I would be calling for.
Thanks team and all the best for all your future endeavours

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