Todd Williams

Franchise Owner
Hobart & Launceston, Tasmania

Making the decision to become a franchisee of Cavalier Homes was a decision that my wife and I made after much thought and careful consideration.

Being in the building industry for some years we found it a somewhat lonely existence. Obviously the HIA and MBA and other groups are some support but entering into the franchise group of Cavalier we found like minded people dealing with the same things as we were in the industry.

I have appreciated being a franchisee of Cavalier Homes and I love the support that we receive coupled with buying power, great designs and solid working systems. I believe it is the only way to go.

One of the reasons I joined was to have better systems and paper trails. I wanted to have a more secure foundation to my business.

Franchising is on the increase in many industries and I can vouch for the value and worth of owning a Cavalier Homes building franchise.


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